B&N Group

Sound Proof Systems is part of the B&N Group. This group of Enterprises is active in various markets, which differ geographically or by product. The B&N Group consists of following enterprises:

  • Brinkmann & Niemeijer Motoren B.V develops and manufactures special generators for rental, emergengy generators, pumpsets and hydrailic sets.
  • De Maas B.V. is specialised in inland shipping and industry The sales programme consists of propulsion engines, made by Doosan and Hyundai Seasall, industrial engines, made by Doosan, JCB and Lister-Petter and, in addition, Mecc Alte generators.
  • Sound Proof Systems B.V. is specialised firm, makers of frames and canopies for generator sets, pump sets and powerpacks.
  • B&N Foreign Activities B.V. is a wholesale trader of technical products, such as engines, generators and control panels.
  • Watermota Ltd. An old and well-trusted name in the British market, with a sharp focus on the marine business (both commercial and pleasure craft). In addition WaterMota is active with providing engines to various types of industry.

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